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My wife is a pig - Submitted by Bernard Soldate - Simsbury, CT See Bernie's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

I received an early hour [6:40 AM] phone call on a Tuesday in 1994; it was a male calling that asked if we did polygraphs. When I answered yes we do, the next words he spoke were, "Well I want you to test my no good, 4 letter, 4 letter, and another 4 letter, wife. I said, "Hold on a minute, what is the issue here?" He replied that his wife was a pig and that when he returned from a three-day business trip to New York, he found stains in his bed. He said his wife agreed they looked like stains from sexual intercourse, but denied any involvement, and that they have been fighting over this for seven months. When he told her he wanted a divorce, she told him she was not lying and she wanted to take a lie detector test to prove it.

I told him that I stopped doing domestic polygraphs about eight years ago because of all the emotions involved, and that they were very time consuming. He then told me he had an appointment with a divorce attorney the next day, and he wanted her to take a test because he knew she was lying and the test would show that. Then he could file for divorce with a clear conscience.

I asked him to let me speak with her on the phone. In our conversation, she was sobbing but adamant that she had no knowledge of how the stains got onto their bed. I asked her if she wanted to take this test and was it of her own free will? She said yes, it was the only way she could prove to her husband that she had been faithful. I told her that if she was being truthful, the test will show that, however, if she was lying about any part of it, the test would show that as well, and I would have to call it the way it comes out. She again insisted she was telling the entire truth.

Well, against my better judgment based on all the domestic testing over many years, I agreed to test her that morning at her residence because I did not want to deal with the emotions at my office if she was less than truthful.

Upon arrival you could cut the tension with a chain saw. I put on my best bedside manner and slowed down the pace between them. After a lengthy pre-test interview we formulated the relevant test questions.

At the conclusion of the test, I told the examinee and her husband that there was no indication of deception in her responses to her test questions, and in my opinion she was being truthful to the entire matter. He immediately said that there must be something wrong with the test because he knew what he has seen on his sheets, and there could not be any other possible explanation; he was still convinced she was lying.

I told him once again that there was no question in my mind, I was absolutely sure she had been truthful but he still wasn't buying it. I kept insisting there had to be another explanation for the stains. I said to him, you live way out in the woods, and probably no one broke into the house just to use your bed, and then asked him does anyone else have keys to your house, a neighbor or a relative who might feed your pets while you are away? He said no, this is our castle, no one else has keys. I then noticed some schoolbooks on the counter and I asked if he had any children. He said he had a couple of kids, a daughter sixteen and a son who is only fifteen.

I suggested to him that when his kids get home from school that afternoon, he should have a long talk with them. His answer was that the kids heard them arguing about this for the past seven months, and if they had anything to do with it, they would have come forward by now.

I told him again she was being truthful and that if he wanted to blow twenty-three years of marriage because you would have thought the kids would have said something, that was entirely up to him, but I know your wife had no part in it. I exited stage left.

The very next morning, at 6:45 AM, I got another call from the husband and I was thinking I should have known better, when he said, Bernie, I dont know how to thank you. When my son got home from school last night, I had a long talk with him and he finally admitted that while I was in New York, and mom was working, he took his girlfriend to our king size bed instead of his own twin bunk bed. That made me feel good, but not good enough to continue doing any more domestic polys.

About sixteen weeks later, I received a call from the husband and I remember thinking 'what now', he said Bernie I just want to thank you again. I said I did not test her again, and he said, no, I just buried my wife last week, she had a heart attack, however had you not done what you did, I would have gone to my grave thinking she was a pig. Thank you so much.

I have stopped remembering why I stopped doing domestic polygraphs, and continue to do them to this day because they really can make all the world of difference in a person's life.

My wife is a pig - Submitted by Bernard Soldate - Simsbury, CT See Bernie's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

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