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Momma's okay...she's still breating - Submitted by Chuck Lynch - Winston-Salem, NC See Chuck's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

Recently, I was in Ohio doing some investigative testing when I received a call from a military wife who was in tears. She had hacked into her career military husbands office e-mail on base and discovered he was committing adultery. Her husband was an Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) and held a top secret security clearance in a weapons system job in his particular branch of the United States Military. She printed several incriminating e-mails of his infidelity. After a long discussion, the husband convinced his wife that this was his first time cheating on her and that it was already ended. The wife requested an immediate polygraph examination to verify her husbands story and she was willing to go to marriage counseling.

I drove several hours from my location in Ohio to her location near a military base on the Atlantic coast. I arrived at her off-base home about 8 hours later. During that 8 hours, the wife had obtained more admissions from her husband regarding adultery and now the count had increased from one past relationship to five relationships over the past three years, including one with a commissioned officer while in Kuwait. This was a clear military violation for both career military personnel.

Before I began the polygraph examination I reviewed the questions containing the admissions and the husbands intended answers. During my question review, I received three more admissions of one-time only sexual relationships with civilian female personnel working with the military on this husband's particular weapons system project. I thought we had all the admissions and could start the test. About the fourth question into the test, it was obvious the husband was trying every countermeasure taught in the military intelligence class on how to beat a polygraph examination.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud thump down in the kitchen area and glass breaking. I immediately shut down the polygraph instrument and stopped testing. The husband looked at my very concerned and alarmed facial expression and said "That is OK, my wife just fainted in the kitchen floor. She always passes out during high stress level situations and also to get sympathy." I jumped up, went to the top of the stairs and asked the oldest son, age 13, if we needed to call 911. The boy yelled up stairs and said "Mommy is OK, she is still breathing". Then the husband said that I should continue the test because "She had threatened to call my commanding officer if I did not submit to her polygraph request; She will be OK, she is just trying to get your sympathy.

I suggested we invalidate the initial polygraph test and start from the beginning. After starting over, the husband again began using every physical countermeasure to attempt to beat my polygraph examination. In a nice but stern tone of voice I informed this soldier that I was running polygraph examinations before he was born and he was not fooling me and if he wanted the testing to continue, to please cooperate.

I began again and the husband did not use countermeasures. Instead, he forgot what his answers were that we reviewed and answered yes to questions he initially gave a no answer to before the test. I stopped the test and he admitted to another women. She was an Air Force Lieutenant while he was on assignment in New Mexico. I promptly ended the polygraph test and was going to file a no opinion report to his wife who had not only revived herself from the passing out on the kitchen floor but had been outside the door to the room we were using for the test with the solders suitcase packed along with his shaving kit.

I gave him a ride to an apartment in that city which he admitted on the way was his current girlfriends residence. All he could say was "My military career is over, my military career is over."

I keep saying I am going to quit domestic testing and I continue to take requests which are at an all time high and very unpredictable. The reason I continue domestic testing is the good I have seen from clearing that cloud of suspicion blocking the way to reconciliation and healing. God Bless America and Thank God for all the good, moral military men and women protecting our nation from the evil axis of power abroad.

Momma's okay...she's still breating - Submitted by Chuck Lynch - Winston-Salem, NC See Chuck's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

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