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Quit wearing blinders - Submitted by Chuck Lynch as told by his client - Winston-Salem, NC See Chuck's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

Dear Mr. Hilliard,

Mr. Chuck Lynch has told me you are collecting true stories about real life polygraph examinations and how they can positively or negatively affect the lives of entire families. I am not using real names to maintain the privacy of my family.

I am writing this letter not only from my experiences with Chuck Lynch but that of my daughter who lives with me. My daughter is separated from her husband and they had joint custody of their only child who is three years old. My Granddaughter had lived with my daughter and I primarily and my ex-son-in-law had court ordered visitation rights to take my Grandchild to his mother’s home on the weekends agreed upon in the initial court order after my daughter’s separation from my ex-son-in-law. They had lived in one of my rent houses when they were first married.

This domestic case is so long and involved. I cannot begin to properly address the history preceding my contacting Chuck Lynch through his web site for assistance in our local Child Protective Services investigation into severe bruises found on my granddaughter’s buttocks by my former wife. My ex-wife took our Granddaughter for a medical checkup and the physician called Child Protective Services here in our city to come to the hospital to view the severe contusions on our Granddaughter’s buttocks. The end result of that initial investigation led Child Protective Services to declare our Granddaughter an abused child and that the abuse occurred in my home by either my daughter or me.

A hearing was held in family court with a Judge and an attorney retained by my ex-wife and an attorney retained by my daughter and me. During testimony my ex-wife and my former son-in-law along with the investigator with Child Protective Services convinced the Judge that persons unknown at our home abused our Granddaughter. The Judge entered a temporary restricted visitation order pending further investigation into the serious contusions on my Granddaughter’s buttocks.

I am a veteran civilian employee of a branch of the United States Military with a top-secret security clearance. I am an engineer in systems development and that is all I can say about my work.

My ex-wife and I were married for many years and adopted our daughter. We lived in an upper middle class life style and provided our daughter with the best private education. I am not used to nor do I understand the workings of the judicial system, Child Protective Services investigations and court proceedings. The Judge even accused me of lying in court to cover up my Granddaughter’s abuse by someone in my home. I was devastated and did not know where to turn. I knew that neither my daughter nor me were lying or trying to cover up abuse to my only granddaughter.

I was aware of the uses of a polygraph in the Top Secret area I work in with the military but had never had an occasion to take a polygraph examination. I just got on the Internet and started searching for the most competent polygraph examiner I could find. Chuck Lynch was the only polygraph examiner out of several I spoke with who seemed to know what he was talking about and I felt very comfortable with him over the telephone. We arranged to meet half way between his home in another state and my home in up north. We met at a Holiday Inn in my state on July 12, 2003.

After Chuck Lynch talked with me for an hour, he declined to give me a polygraph examination because this situation with my daughter and my precious granddaughter had so over whelmed me; I had been unable to sleep for days. Chuck spent a lot of time with me trying to get me calmed down and set up another appointment the next day. He convinced me I needed to just stay the night there at the Holiday Inn away from the stresses at home and rest for 24 hours. The next day Chuck drove back up to my hotel room and interviewed me again. I was much more rested and I really felt very comfortable with Chuck and his professional approach to my family crisis. Chuck took a huge load off my shoulders and undertook a very slow and methodical approach to my polygraph examination. He was able to clear me of inflicting physical injuries on my granddaughter or covering up for my daughter. In fact, two days later I had Chuck polygraph my daughter to clear her of inflicting injuries to her child/my grandchild or covering for my having inflicted the injuries.

Chuck Lynch filed two detailed reports regarding his polygraph examination evaluations and clearly stated that neither my daughter nor I inflicted the contusions on my Granddaughter’s buttocks. According to Mr. Lynch, through his years of investigative experience in child abuse with the law enforcement agency he retired from, he suspected that my ex son-in-law and the father of my Granddaughter was a very likely suspect when we supplied Chuck with background information about my ex-son-in laws temper and his history of being an abused child.

Mr. Lynch went head on with our local Child Protective Services investigator and her supervisors telling them to quit wearing “blinders” regarding looking into other area’s of possible suspects and causes for my Granddaughter’s injuries. After repeated telephone conversations with investigators and supervisors at Child Protective Services, the department director referred the case over to our local police department for further investigation

They took Mr. Lynch’s polygraph reports on my daughter and I and consulted with their own staff of polygraph examiners to determine Mr. Lynch’s credibility since he was from out of state. With Chuck’s polygraph examination reports passing the credibility test by our local police agency, the investigator interviewed my daughter and me.

Just before the final order was to be signed by the Judge that my ex-wife’s attorney drew up in conjunction with our attorney severely restricting our contact with my Granddaughter, I received a call from the Child Protective Services Unit. She said the Police investigator had interrogated my former son-in-law based on Chuck Lynch’s polygraph report and my ex-son-in-law confessed to spanking his child and my granddaughter on the buttocks with a wooden sword because she spit her food out while she was eating and it triggered one of his temper episodes he had displayed when abusing my daughter when she was pregnant with this child. The police charged my ex-son-in law with criminal child abuse and arrested him.

Child Protective Services courts are now willing to work with the family in getting our lives back to normal and getting my granddaughter back with her mother where she belongs.

If it had not been for Chuck Lynch’s knowledge of polygraph, criminal investigations and being totally opened minded with administering our polygraph examinations and having enough confidence in his work to go nose to nose with Child Protective Services, my grand daughter’s abuser would not have been brought to justice. Instead my daughter and I would have been restricted regarding unsupervised visitation while the real culprit, my former son-in-law would have been free to have another temper episode with my granddaughter and inflict even more trauma to the child.

Both my daughter and myself will always be grateful to Chuck Lynch and his polygraph for his brief involvement in our lives.


Quit wearing blinders - Submitted by Chuck Lynch as told by his client - Winston-Salem, NC See Chuck's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

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