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A killer, a whopper and a mystery solved - Submitted by Chuck Lynch - Winston-Salem, NC See Chuck's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

On December 22, 1982, someone rung the door bell of the employee entrance to the Steak n Ale Restaurant after closing. The restaurant was located in Winston-Salem, NC. One of two closing managers thought it was an employee returning for her sweater and opened the door. Suddenly, the manager found herself facing the business end of a double barreled, sawed off shotgun. The gun was in the hands of a man coming off methamphetamines that he was injecting into his body, under his toe nails because he had no veins. This was supposed to be an armed robbery for drug money.

The manager walked down the hall and into the small office where another manager was doing a bank deposit. The strung out and nervous robber thought the manager at the desk was reaching for a gun. The robber shot the manager, blowing the entire right side of his face away. Then he stuck the shotgun point blank into the female manager's face and pulled the trigger. The pathologist later pulled shotgun shell wadding out of what was left of her brain.

My department went from December 22, 1982 until March 1983 without a clue or lead. Finally, a call came in from crimestoppers, naming the man who shot the employees. The caller was the wife of a prisoner who was serving time with the Stake & Ale robber. At this time, he was in jail for a different kidnapping and robbery in March 1983. The caller wanted to bargain for her husband in exchange for giving us the killer.

I administered a polygraph on the caller and her jailed husband. Both were telling the truth regarding the identity of the killer. Since we had the killer in jail already, we had time to plan ahead. They would bring him up for questioning about another crime and introduce the crime scene photographs of the restaurant employee's bodies.

I was sitting in my polygraph office with the questions already written and my polygraph instrument warming up. As predicted by our profiler, the killer would deny the murders and we would offer him a polygraph examination for which the killer would know from experience there could be a delay in getting an appointment. So, as predicted he agreed to a polygraph examination only if he could get on right then and now. You should have seen the look on his face when they entered my polygraph office and the killer had boxed himself in a corner.

I administered the polygraph and the subject clearly showed Deception Indicated. I interrogated that man for six hours after the polygraph test until I was literally about to pass out from total emotional drain. I looked at the killer, took a deep breath and asked "I have not had dinner yet and you missed supper at the jail, are you as hungry as I am?" He said "Yes" and I put him in my unmarked vehicle in handcuffs, wearing jailhouse orange and a fellow detective riding beside him in the back seat. I asked the killer what he wanted and he replied "a whopper". For those of you who do not know, a whopper is a Burger King product. I took the long way around town to get to the Burger King two blocks up from the restaurant he had robbed and killed two managers. I drove right past the restaurant and looking in my rearview mirror, the killer did not even show any signs of guilt or anything when we rode by the location.

We ordered at the drive thru and the killer got a Whopper with mustard, pickles and onions, Large Fries and a Large Coke. We sat in the parking lot eating our whoppers and I put a cassette tape of Johnny Cash in my tape player and the first song was "Folsom Prison Blues". After we completed our meal I was taking him back to the jail because I had failed and was burned out. When I got to the street, I started to turn left and all of a sudden with no warning, the killer said "Mr. Lynch, turn right and go down to the restaurant and I'll show you how I killed those two employees".

In conclusion, I got a detailed confession and he was tried one year later and sentenced to die by lethal injection in the North Carolina Department of Corrections. The sentence was carried out 9 years and 8 months later. In trying to understand this man, I visited him in prison and he told me the reason he confessed was "that was the only time since he was arrested on the kidnapping and robbery charges upto and throughout the polygraph that he was finally given an opportunity to 'HAVE IT HIS WAY' . I let him select his restaurant and his food and he got to personally order the burger his way in his own voice into the order microphone. I also took the cuffs off so he could eat his personally made Burger King Whopper the way he wanted it fixed. Sometimes we tend to not see the forest for the tree's in our jobs and it took so little to get his admission.

A killer, a whopper and a mystery solved - Submitted by Chuck Lynch - Winston-Salem, NC See Chuck's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

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