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Serial Killer's Jewelry - Submitted by Sabino Martinez - San Antonio TX. See Sabino's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

As a state police polygraph examiner in Texas my duties are to assist other small police agencies across the state in their investigations without any cost to the agencies.

On this particular examination the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) had been notified by the Texas rangers that a self professed serial Killer was confessing to the murder of an Oklahoma teenager. The teenager was discovered missing near her residence and later found dead in a wooded area. The murder had gone unsolved for several years and was considered an unsolved mystery.

The information that the Texas Rangers had given the OSBI was that the professed serial killer confessed to having killed the teenager and then had taken a jewelry item from the teenager and given to a girlfriend in Texas. However, because the serial killer had become so unreliable, even to the point of confessing to murders that he did not commit, the Texas Rangers were not about to commit to anything that the serial killer was saying.

The supposed girlfriend denied having the jewelry item in her possession and also denied ever being involved with the serial killer. Another female, who was a close friend of the serial killer had admitted that she knew the girlfriend was not being truthful when she denied any involvement with the killer. A polygraph examination was scheduled with the girlfriend and she passed.

The OSBI agent was disappointed and had opted to leave because they considered the information to be unreliable as it was in the past. I had reviewed the case facts and the statements given by both females and I noticed something was wrong with the close female friend's statement. Call it a gut feeling but I informed the OSBI agent that I needed to test her and she was brought to our office where she was tested and failed.

Later that hour not only did she confess to having a piece of jewelry that did not belong to her but the piece was recovered. I told the OSBI agent that he needed to take that piece back to Oklahoma to see if the piece could be identified by family members.

Later that week I received a phone call by the agent who told me that the piece of jewelry had been matched with other pieces that her grandmother had given her as a gift. As soon as family members saw the jewelry piece they began to cry as if closure had finally come. I remember the sheriff of that town commending me for a job well done and saying that it would not go unrewarded.

Although I did not think anything about it, I received the Regional Director's Award in the silver anniversary of the American Association Of Police conference in Austin, Texas. I often think that the biggest reward out of that examination was giving the family closure. One can only imagine the pain when a loved one is lost and it becomes a mystery. Incidentally, the serial killer has been convicted of another murder and has since been sentenced to die by lethal injection.

Serial Killer's Jewelry - Submitted by Sabino Martinez - San Antonio TX. See Sabino's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

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