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Secretary of Defense murdered - Submitted by George Faz - Lexington, GA. See George's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

It was a hot and muggy afternoon when I arrived in Costa Rica. I had been requested by the U.S. Ambassador to that country to assist that nation’s national police in solving a homicide they had been investigating for 6 months. They had numerous leads, some good and some bad, but did not have a clue as to the murderer or murderers. This homicide was of “great national importance” as the victim was that country’s Secretary of Defense and the eldest son and heir to the wealthiest family in Costa Rica. As I found out, the police had a list of 25 suspects they were requesting I polygraph.

After reporting in to my office, I was taken to police headquarters where for two days I read the police investigation and was briefed by the lead investigators as to the facts of the investigation. By reading what the investigators had uncovered thus far and by intently listening to the facts of the case, instead of the conjectures that were being given some credence by a few of the higher ranking police officials, I managed to divide their list of prime suspects into two groups of polygraph examinees. The first group of suspects to be examined I determined to be of secondary involvement. The second group of examinees was, in my opinion, strong primary suspects. I then requested to be taken to the scene of the murder where I was able, not only to get a feel for the case, but also to put the facts with the physical site.

After the first week of examinations, the police were able to recover the weapon used in the homicide. This gave them further leads to work and additional intelligence valuable to the investigation. After concluding examining the first list of examinees, I left the country to assist in another investigation. Upon my return, I discovered that the investigators, based on what polygraph had uncovered previously, had been quite busy. They were able to trim my second list of examinees to 6. I reviewed my case facts and studied the newly acquired evidence. I went to work.

On my first trip and before leaving the country, I, based on the evidence, examined the individual I felt was the primary suspect. His test showed deception indicated (DI) and he refused to give any post examination admissions or statement. He was in prison at the time for a series of crimes ranging from petty theft to murder. I told the investigators to hold him incommunicado until my return. They did as I requested.

Based on the results of my initial examination of this suspect and now based on his refusal to be re-examined, I requested that I be allowed to interrogate him in the same room in which he had been examined two weeks earlier. This room had 1 door and 1 window and, as in most Latin American buildings, no air conditioning and was on the second floor of police headquarters. The police initially balked at my choice of rooms, but soon acquiesced to my request as I told them they could leave the door slightly ajar and a patrolman at the bottom of the window in case he decided to throw me out the same.

The long awaited extension of my first exam’s post test interrogation began with him being brought into the room in chains. I had these chains removed. The police hesitated in that they had identified him as a serial killer and a prison gang leader. They wanted to post an armed policeman in the room with us. I refused this consideration as I and the suspect are the only two people I allow in my interrogations.

This interrogation began just before lunch and ended just before breakfast the next day. This interrogation was a study in psychology and I could write a novel based on these two days alone. Suffice it to say that just before breakfast was requested, he again threatened to kill me as he had done on numerous occasions during our conversations, and I told him that whomever that person was that he was portraying as a tough street guy, I wanted him to go out of that door, and I pointed to the door. His eyes intensely followed my arm and pointed finger and back up to my face. He then calmly asked me to ask him what I wanted to know. I asked him one of the questions I had asked him on his examination two weeks before: “Did you shoot that man?” He said yes where on his examination previously he had answered no. He then proceeded to confess to the shooting of the Secretary of Defense in a robbery attempt after a cocaine binge, as well as other details privy to the investigation. He had escaped from prison during the time period of the murder.

This is not the end of the story.

After the interrogation I was exhausted. After receiving a job well done by the investigators, I was asked by the Chief of Police to do him a favor before I went to my hotel. He stated that the late Secretary’s brother, who is now in charge of the family’s holdings, was requesting to personally thank me on behalf of his family and would be sending a limo to pick me up. I agreed to wait a while longer before burying myself in the hotel bed.

I was taken to the main headquarters of this family’s main industry, where I was escorted into his well appointed office. He had a portfolio checkbook open on his desk which I happened to notice as he was thanking me. He stated that he knew I was exhausted so he would get the details from the police and at that point wanted the correct spelling of my last name. It seems that his family had offered the equivalent of $ 240,000.00 [US] for anyone solving his brother’s homicide. He wanted to present me with this reward for a job well done. I had to refuse it as my Agency has strict policies regarding rewards and gratuities. I said no [not that I didn’t think about it!] He then asked me what he could do for me. He told me that he would personally write my Administrator thanking him for my assistance. I was then taken to the hotel, where I fell asleep, clothes and all.

Secretary of Defense murdered - Submitted by George Faz - Lexington, GA. See George's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

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