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Homicide solved in a deserted barn on a seaside cliff - Submitted by George Faz - Lexington, GA. See George's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

Headquarters telephoned me with an assignment. I was told that the Country Attaché assigned to Santo Domingo and their police division in charge of homicides would brief me once I was in country. I arrived mid-morning from Miami and was met at the airport by my agency’s personnel. Prior to my flight, I telephoned my office to ask if I should bring my weapon. I was told that there was no need, that since the ousting of the previous dictator; this was the safest country south of the border.

As I was stepping down from the plane, I observed that police commandos were surrounding the aircraft. I asked the senior agent and the Major General Chief of Police accompanying him what had happened. The Chief told me that a death threat had been received that morning for everyone working on the investigation I had been assigned to assist. I was assigned a commando bodyguard and was told to accompany the Chief and the senior agent to the presidential palace.

Once at the presidential palace we were escorted immediately to a magnificent room where we were asked to wait. In the course of a few minutes, the country’s newly elected President walked into the room. In a cordial and quite friendly manner he asked me to explain the polygraph instrument and how it worked. After my impromptu and unexpected briefing, the President asked the Chief to provide me with all the details of the murders and to provide him with the latest developments in the case. I listened intently, as I had been requested by name and Agency to assist this country in the solving of the murder of a highly influential, multi-millionaire industrialist and his chauffeur.

As this meeting with the President was both unexpected and personally requested by him, our Ambassador was immediately briefed as to this meeting and as to what had occurred. Before we left the President, he thanked me for arriving on such short notice and assured me that whatever I required, I need only ask the Chief. I thanked him and we departed the palace under heavily armed escort.

From the palace I was asked to accompany the Chief to police headquarters. I telephoned my country attaché and briefed him on what was rapidly occurring and received his concurrence to proceed with the Chief to his office. Once there he personally briefed me on the investigation and gave me all police reports on what had already been investigated. At that point I was told that I was to be assigned a police car with a commando bodyguard, as the death threat was very real and was being taken quite seriously.

From the police department I went to my agency’s office and briefed my attaché and the senior agents. I then went to a hotel known to the police as safe and I dug into the volumes of reports. I read through the night and by morning I arrived at the conclusion that the police had hundreds of leads, but no clue as to where to begin.

The next day I asked to be taken to the scene of the murders where I was extensively briefed by the lead investigator and the homicide detectives assigned to the case. I then provided them with my assessment of the case and where I thought we should begin concentrating. They then provided me with a list of suspects they wished polygraphed. I modified their list to particular and specific areas that could be polygraphed and to individuals I wished to start polygraphing. They agreed, with one hitch. I had planned to use a hotel room for my examinations, as the police department was too noisy and unsuitable for proper examinations. Because of the threats and the high ranking officials I requested for examinations, the only site the police felt they could provide with adequate security was a deserted barn located on a remote seaside cliff overlooking the ocean. They insisted on this site. I told them I’d try it out as they were not giving me any choice.

My examinations take on the average three to three and one half hours. I managed to complete 3 examinations a day. I examined for 8 days and on the 8th day was ready to present my findings to the police and my office. Of the 24 examinations I conducted, 21 were no deception indicated (NDI) findings and 3 were strong deception indicated (DI). Two of the DI examinees refused to give me a confession or any admissions. The third DI examinee was a high ranking police official who confessed to giving the order to the other two DI examinees to “take care of the problem” implicating them in the homicide and that this order had come straight from the top.

As a result of my polygraph findings, I was told to write my report before I left the country for presidential and police review. Later, I was to find out that at a high level meeting held by the President and top police generals, the industrialist was found to be causing this country’s economy to fluctuate by his high volume buying and selling. The President had left this problem to be solved to his generals.

Homicide solved in a deserted barn on a seaside cliff - Submitted by George Faz - Lexington, GA. See George's listing on polygraphplace.com to inquire about his services

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